Created a Notion template
Designed a Website
Created a website
Okay, I'm gonna toot my own horn to this one 📯

So I jumped into using Super and Notion to build PlayTyme's new community homepage 🦘 And I have to say, I'm thrilled with the results thus far!

There's still some work to be done with navigation and content. However, updates are super easy to handle due to the connectivity between Notion and Super 💪🏾

During this process, we noticed we were having to re-create the same blocks over and over. So we're building a library of pre-formatted, commonly used blocks. Moving forward, we can just copy and paste them throughout our workspace as needed, greatly increasing our productivity and workflows.

Once we have things more complete, I plan to make a Loom video walking through some of the key features. We intend to make the community layout and the block library available for purchase as Notion templates. I truly feel a lot of other organizations could find value with them.

Check out our new community homepage here 👇🏾