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Featured in the Polywork Multiverse

I got featured in the Multiverse?! 😱

I decided to apply for PolyWork's social media and content manager positions this week 😎. I'm not sure if I'll get an interview. Last year, I cleared out my social media (decided to make a fresh start after building PlayTyme), so I'm basically restarting from scratch and producing new content. But you miss 100% of the shots you don't take πŸ€ΎπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ! And I'm never one to not be extra. So true to form, I decided to go the extra mile πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

While browsing the Featured section in the newly updated Multiverse, I noticed that there wasn't one for LGBT individuals. And since it's 🌈#PrideMonth, I thought I'd give Polywork a ring about it. I pinged them on Twitter, but then I immediately thought to myself, "What would a social media manager do?" πŸ€”

So, I jumped into the LGBT badge (a really awesome feature, def gonna use that to find some fellow πŸ›’Shopify Stans) and did some digging for users I felt would be a good fit if the category existed.

There were only 95 users with the badge attached to their profile, so it didn't take me too long to quickly scroll through the list and open tabs of ones that interested me.

I just created my personal account in March, so I have a pretty small following on Twitter. Despite that, I decided to create a thread of some stand-out LGBT individuals on Polywork! Both as a professional exerciseπŸ’ͺ🏾 and so I could find some awesome people to follow myself. I also figure this would allow me to present my skills as a content creator, show the wide range of flexibility in how one can use Polywork, and maybe get the attention of Polywork's Head of Go-to-Market.

I was surprised by the sheer range of talent I found; there were so many incredibly talented people from a wide range of industries. Physics, programming, design, machine learning, virtual reality, the list went on! It fills my heart with pride to see queer representation, especially in fields where we are so heavily under-represented πŸ™ŒπŸΎ. It's one of those small indicators that the world is evolving and slowly starting to reflect the vast amount of diversity we have in this world.

Anyways, by the end of the list, I had about 35 tabs open, so I started combing through them one by one πŸ”. After some back and forth, I narrowed my list to about 15, focusing mostly on individuals with recent major accomplishments or milestones. From there, I began diving deep into their Polywork profile itself. Specifically looking for unique methods of using Polywork's current feature set. And finally, I came down to a list of five! I threw their names, Twitter handles, and a short bio into a Notion page and started building the thread. Check it out here πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

The research process took me about 30 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for compiling the thread. Was it a bit overkill? I think you could argue so πŸ˜…. But honestly, it was fun, and I got a chance to discover some incredible people to follow. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Polywork retweet it shortly after it went up! They saw the work, and I got my face out there for my application. I'm thrilled! The rest is up to the 🌠 Multiverse 🌠

Saturday morning, I drag myself out of bed, check my email, and BOOM πŸ’£! At some point during the early morning, Polywork added an entirely new Featured LGBT+ Month section, with yours truly included! I didn't expect them to do anything beyond just the RT, so to see that pushed out so quickly was completely unexpected. Talk about listening to feedback! Even if I don't get a response back about my application, I did something fun to take my mind off work, found some incredible people to follow, and got to do what I love to do most: πŸ“£#BuildInPublic