Created a Notion template
Launched a Product Feature
Designed a Tool Kit

I can't get enough of Notion! 🙌🏾

My company has fully embraced Notion as our central hub for nearly all our internal operations.

My right-hand woman & Head of Operations and I collaborated on a new template for our Discord moderator applications. Instead of using Typeform, we decided to just go with Google forms and embed them directly into the Notion page. Then I went in and added the formatting.

Not only are we saving money (Typeform is still very expensive IMO, for what is essentially a pretty version of Jotforms or ZoHo forms), but we also don't have to use any extra apps. Since Notion and Google Workspace are part of our main tech stack.

I've personally fallen in love with the use of callout blocks as buttons when publishing Notion pages as web pages. Seeing how well they turned out on our community website (we used and included some CSS code they provided to turn the callout blocks into actual buttons), I've decided to use that method throughout our workspace moving forward.

Def happy with the results of this template and can't wait to find more ways to use Notion for our day-to-day!

Here's a link to our form: PlayTyme Discord Moderator Applications

Here's a Loom showing it in action 👇🏾

Feel free to hit me up if you want to duplicate it as a template! My Twitter is @LifeWithArjay or you can just smash the contact button here on Polywork 💪🏾